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ESP32 to ILI9341 TFT LCD screen

I get in excess of 40 fps while changing every pixel on the screen to a new background colour. (320x240x16-bit RGB pixels).
The data transfer rate is lively - just over 6MB (or 48Mb) per second. And it is all raw bit-banging, no ESP32 hardware assist from SPI or DMA, etc.

ESP32 WRover Kit: OV7670 Camera conflicts with the LCD screen

The camera port on the WRover uses the same GPIO pins as its LCD screen. So just plugging in the camera means the screen won't work.

But there is a little- used feature to put the camera to sleep. That frees up some bus lines, and allows the graphics to work even with the camera plugged in.

I had to bend the PWDN pin on the camera to allow me to intercept and manipulate the hardware line.